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David Boreanaz Icon Challenge
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"Los Angeles is like a beautiful woman with dirty underwear" - David Boreanaz ;)

**Thanks a lot to Phoenix, Setje, Annie, Flights of Angel and An Unforgettable Obsession for all being such great sources of David Boreanaz picture goodness.

Every week, your caps/pics etc of David (either in one of his film/televison roles or just being himself) will be posted. All you have to do is make the very best icon you can with the community's theme: swooning over David (not too hard, right?). To keep up the hype and entertainment and FUN!(well i kind of stole this idea from our sister community girl_crush), at the end of every month we will devote a theme to another MALE Buffyverse/Angelverse actor, such as James Marsters, Glenn Quinn or Nicholas Brandon

01:NO BASHING!! it's just rude. If you don't like an icon, make a SUGGESTION. We're not perfect, feedback and constructive criticism are ALWAYS appreciated.
02:Challenges will be posted by either mrsboreanaz, canadiangirl_86, or ba4ever only.
03:Icon themes must refer to David Boreanaz (duh) not his characters, unless the character REALLY represents the theme.
04:The icons must conform to LJ standard.
05:Do not USE the icons (with or without permission)until the challenge is over which is when the winners are posted - which means you do not upload them to your userpics at all before then, because if you do, then you of course will have had credited the maker and therefore are advertising their entry.
06:Post your icon in a new entry with the image and the url underneath.
07:NO ABSOLUTELY NO voting for yourself or telling others to vote for you.
08:No promoting of communities unless pimped at the bottom of the entry, or unless given permission.

The schedule is like this: Mondays are when the challenges will be posted. Fridays are when the challenge period ends and the voting begin; Sundays are when voting ends and the winners are posted. The mods will each take turns in doing this.

If you'd like to submit any pictures that you'd like to be used in a challenge (whether it be David or someone else) you can do so here.

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